Portfolio & Portraits

Here is a portfolio of some of my favourite images and portraits.

My brother and his huntaways - one of my favourite shots, and this image was Supreme Winner of the 2017 PGG Wrightson calendar competition.

Two generations - a candid snapped at the 2017 South Island Dog Trial Championships.


I loved the light we found one day during winter in St Bathans, Otago.

A moment captured during the 2017 South Otago A&P Show between Lorna and her favourite cow.

My Dad, hard at work carting baleage, on a dusty North Otago summer's day in 2018.

Three of the team after a hard day's tailing.

A friend's XW Falcon, one of my favourite images captured during our photoshoot in Queenstown.

My brother on an evening mail run near our farm in Herbert.

Love a good sunset - this one was the sun creeping behind the hills on our family farm.

Winter in St Bathans, Otago

Queen the border collie, she was one of my favourite models on the farm, now sadly passed on and very much missed.

Another XW shot from a Queenstown photo shoot.

Flowers - I love the texture of the leaves in this shot.

These horses near Alexandra were gorgeous - I had to stop and say hello.

Shiny bits at the Cromwell Car Show a few years back.

Meg - she always has a happy grin. One of the dog team on Tullymett.

Roy the huntaway - now sadly passed on but he loved his work, as you can tell from this shot at tailing time.

Forrest the farm cat.

My favourite of a photo shoot I did for a friend.

Sad eyes.

Drafting time - the winning image from the FMG Calendar competition in 2017.

One of my favourite images from the South Otago A&P Show a couple of years back. A happy wee man and his calf.

I love capturing Show Day moments - South Otago A&P Show, 2016.

Something a bit different - NZ band Devilskin performing in Dunedin in 2017.

A baby Highland calf... it doesn't get much cuter than that.

Tullymett's resident bull - Shorty.

Forrest the farm cat, hard at work supervising the shearing on Tullymett.

Another from the South Otago A&P Show in 2017.

A special spot I found near Glenorchy, Central Otago, on a clear winter morning.