Dog Commands Canvas Set (Good + Bad Dog Versions)

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The best sellers of the Dog Commands canvases, Good Dog and Bad Dog as a set is a great choice! Grab this set featuring both the Good Dog AND Bad Dog versions, and save money instead of buying separately.

These canvases make a great gift for the farmer or dog enthusiast in your life, or they are perfect for a feature on the farmhouse wall.

Original BackCountry designed canvas, created by me. These have been hugely popular!

  • Canvas set is 2x A4 size (save $15);  or 2x A3 size (save $30)
  • Great gift idea - New Zealand original art - all of my prints are 100% NZ made.
  • Canvases are stretched onto a frame, delivered to you ready to hang. 100% cotton, 260gsm canvas.
  • Laybuy and Afterpay available.
  • Please allow 10-15 working days for printing and shipping. I will do my best to ensure your new canvases reach you as quickly as possible.